Kendrick Lamar Chose Designer Craig Green For His Political Performance At The Grammys 2018.

One of the best performances at The Grammys 2018 was Kendrick Lamar. The rapper took the stage wearing Craig Green from the designers epic Spring/ Summer 2015 collection.

Kendrick’s performance was a stark, spellbinding airing of anger and pride. The medley featured U2 and Dave Chappelle. U2 made a cameo appearance with Bono singing “American Soul”.

Bono (left), Kendrick Lamar in Craig Green (center) and U2 (right) sing “American Soul” at the 2018 Grammy Awards. (Getty Image, 2018)

Later comedian Dave Chappelle, wearing a black jacket labeled with his own name, interrupted the performance with a message: “I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America. Sorry for the interruption, please continue.”

Kendrick chose the right brand for the performance. As a designer, Craig Green’s poignantly symbolic designs have a way of abstracting from military and religious clothing. When Craig Green premiered the Spring 2015 collection he dubbed this catwalk exodus “a silent protest.” This particular collection was rumored to have been so overwhelming it left fashion editors in tears from a storm of emotion.

Craig Green Spring 2015

CNN labeled Kendrick Lamar’s show as “the political performer we need”. Lamar’s opening at the Grammy Awards earned him a standing ovation from the audience at Madison Square Garden and plenty of praise on social media.

You may recall Kendrick’s hit single “Alright” was considered by many to be one of the anthems of the Black Lives Matter movement, with his lyric “we gonna be alright” a popular chant during marches.

As for Kendrick’s night at the Grammy’s, the rapper had a great night winning five awards including best rap album and best music video for his song “Humble.

There was some rumble that Kendrick lost out on album of the year to pop artist Bruno Mars.

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