Giambattista Valli Spring/ Summer 2018 Haute Couture Collection: The Private Dinner Party.

In the not too distant history dinners at home required dinner clothes slightly more formal or décolleté than afternoon ones, and going to the opera, a ball, or a private dinner party called for the most formal of clothes, as well as the most fashionable.

Today dinner party attire varies greatly. Even when the invitation specifically says formal you can still get it wrong. And it’s not as if you’ll see the carefully curated guest list before the party – that would ruin the hostesses surprise! Sometimes the location helps but it isn’t a guarantee.

Giambattista Valli’s spring/ summer 2018 haute couture collection has got this whole thing covered.

The collection is a suite of beautiful dresses from the simple yet delicious cocktail frock to the sweeping jaw-dropping ball gown. Take your pick, you cannot go wrong.


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