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Ulyana Sergeenko Wrote “To My N*ggas In Paris” On Social Media To Miroslava Duma. Here is Why That Is Unacceptable.

Ulyana Sergeenko and Miroslava Duma are global leaders in fashion. This is unacceptable. They need to be better.

Ulyana and Mira may call each other niggas when they are hanging out over a glass of wine but why post it on social media? They are no longer sharing an exchange between just the two of them they are carelessly talking to millions of people referring to something that has torn a nation apart.

Their behavior is inconsiderate, irresponsible and unacceptable.

Ulyana Sergeenko is the founder and owner of a globally recognized fashion brand. She is a designer who is an accredited member of the Fédération française de la couture, the governing body for the French fashion industry. Her Paris couture show is scheduled for today! Miroslava Duma received $50 million dollars to launch Fashion Tech Lab in 2014 to commercialize new technologies and sustainable innovation in the fashion industry. She is a global leader. WTF! What would it look like if Tim Cook posted something like this on social media?

From the Instagram stories of Diet Prada referenced from le21eme.

I honestly don’t understand why this being wrong is such a difficult concept to grasp especially considering the recent onslaught of white female millennial feminist writing articles about consent.

Consent and coercion are words being thrown around by white women lately in reference to sexual assault. They are saying they are hounded by men to give in to sex. And that although they provide strong non-verbal cues and try to gently but firmly stop advancement the men persist. White women say they understand now that they were raised to believe their bodies belong to men, that they should acquiesce to men and this conditioning is why they aren’t more firm in saying no. And white women are saying it is men’s privilege in believing a woman’s body is for them that keeps men from understanding that coercion is wrong. And white women are saying they are tired of it. They write that society needs to rethink how we raise our sons and how we as a people communicate with each other. And yet white women are still confused why they shouldn’t say nigga in front of millions of people.

I am a black woman. I believe that people should be given the benefit of the doubt. I try to listen to the other side. And I sit silently, flinching, while white people explain to me why they want to say nigga to me. They tell me it’s pop culture, it’s not meant to be racist, black people say it, it’s in rap music, racism is dying, “why can’t I say it?”.

Miroslava Duma was the art director behind Dasha Zhukova, in denim, sitting her privileged weight on the back of a black woman (2014).

White women, you cannot coerce me, cajole, beg, or defend your use of the word. You believe that I should acquiesce and just let you violate me. My answer is no. It is time that you rethink how you raise your daughters. And it is time to rethink how you communicate with black people.

I don’t consent to your using the word nigga. It offends me. It isn’t amusing, it isn’t an endearment, it isn’t the new cool pop culture reference, your name is not Snoop Dogg, racism has not died and you can not use it. You aren’t innocent, clueless, polite, white socialites naive and unexposed to the ills in society.

You are strong boss women ready to change the world and you need to be better.

To global leaders Miroslava and Ulyana, you know what a nigga is and that means you also know about police brutality, slavery in the prison system, inequitable education opportunities for black children, inexplicable health care issues effecting black women (Serena Williams) and all of the other racist issues plaguing black Americans (who still rise).

So explain to me how the only time you speak about us is to use the word nigga.

You want people to buy your products, support you, help you rise, look to you as a role model and acknowledge your achievements – you need to be better.


  1. “So explain to me how the only time you speak about us is to use the word nigga “ wow , who is us???
    What are you saying …the only time these two fashionable woman bring attention or praise to African Americans is when using the word nigga???
    It’s a flippin song that millions download or sing along too. This includes Red, yellow , black and white. These two woman recognize every nationality on a daily basis with utmost respect in every aspect of their business. Fight to ban the so called offensive song if it is causing such a uproar. I recall another famous actress experiencing the same backlash over tweeting the name of this song . This is really getting out of hand. Get over it.


    1. Yes. I am saying the only time those two global business leaders mention African Americans is to use the word niggas. They do not talk about the accomplishments of or the struggle of African American people. They chose to appropriate a word that is hateful and that African Americans are processing as we rise above. Many other groups have a “word”. A word that was used to oppress them in one form or another and there are instances where the “word” shows up in an art form and people outside of that group know they should not use it. They definitely shouldn’t use it lightly.
      Your statement that African Americans should “get over it” and allow these two global business leaders to use it as a good luck statement for a couture show, in a time of racial and social injustice still effecting African Americans, is absurd.


  2. I can see your point and I agree that sharing that Personal exchange between them has been a big and embarassing fail. But are you also intending that White people should not download (aka BUY) songs (aka PRODUCTS) sold by Black rappers Who have been made millionaires by all of us, regardless their color or Origins? Spreading that word on songs make it universal, without offence. If Black people intend it stays between their gruoup should not use it in public stuff like a song


    1. Why do women paint portraits of their vaginas and wear pussy hats? (And they STILL are not asking for it.) Why did Jewish people create artworks with Jewish slurs? There are many reasons people do it. My thoughts, it is how some people evolve from a disgusting past. I challenge you to ask the same question of every group that tries to turn a negative into a positive. The logic of those answers will likely apply here as well. We (African Americans) are human beings after all.

      As for the “millions made off of white people with the “N word”, that is a stretch. And again African American artists aren’t the only ones who turned pain and suffering into a million dollar investment. It’s called America. Those pussy hats aren’t free, someone is making a mint off of those things. Now imagine if two male business leaders appropriated it to wish each other good luck at a golf game.

      And I strongly disagree with your statement that because the word”nigga” is in a song it is now universal and can be used. That isn’t true for any art expressed with circumstances similar to the word “nigga”.

      Finally, instead of asking me WHY I’m not ok with a group of people who created a word to dehumanize me to use it and explain again why the recipients and survivors of said word CAN use it, I would like to ask you why a white person would want to casually use such a word and not use a Jewish slur? What is the variant with African Americans? Why are we below that respect?
      But if you are truly curious google “why do black people hate when white people say nigga” and I’m sure you’ll receive all of the logic, history and philosophy you need. Whether you are open to empathize is all on you.


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