Christian Dior Spring/ Summer 2018 Haute Couture: The Masterpiece Collection.

Maria Grazia Chiuri created THE collection of today. The exquisite looks seemed to satirize an era of serious social problems gracefully masked by a thin black gilding.

KIM_0489As women fight for freedom to possess and control our own bodies, to not be sexualized when we are simply being a mother, or to not be judged when we embrace our female form, the collection spoke out like a #metoo acknowledgement.

The diversity was refreshing. The women were like a small dominant cosmopolitan population drawn together from every corner of the earth.



Each look was a display of excellence. The superlative craftsmanship, extraordinary design, great antiquity, rich materials, the purity of form and artistic genius, the originality and social influence. I would bet good money that many of these looks will find their way onto the red carpet this Oscars season.

I once heard that connoisseurship is knowing a masterpiece when you see it. I see it.

KIM_0595KIM_0585KIM_0575KIM_0561KIM_0471KIM_0451KIM_0437KIM_0423KIM_0411KIM_0401KIM_0385KIM_0375KIM_0359KIM_0347KIM_0605KIM_0321KIM_0311KIM_0299KIM_0289KIM_0273KIM_0243KIM_0227KIM_0217KIM_0207KIM_0195KIM_0185KIM_0173KIM_0159KIM_0149KIM_0137KIM_0129KIM_0113KIM_0105KIM_0087KIM_0079KIM_0065KIM_0051KIM_0039 (1)KIM_0619KIM_0633KIM_0659KIM_0673KIM_0687KIM_0713KIM_0719KIM_0729KIM_0743KIM_0755KIM_0765KIM_0791KIM_0803KIM_0813KIM_0827KIM_0839KIM_0883

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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