Off-White Fall/Winter 2018-19: For The Irregular.

And this is why man is never given anything that is perfect, because when given the imperfect and the ugly, man will dedicate his mind to finding what is good with the imperfect and upon finding one thing good with the extremely flawed, he will only see the one thing good, and no longer see everything that is ugly.

Author unknown


Off-White’s tailored uniforms for fall/ winter 2018-19 consisted of denim work-type suits, workman style chinos, basic polo sweaters and military-inspired outfits. The looks were all noticeably flawed. The necks of sweaters and shirts pulled at the seem. The colors on all of the garments were washed out and/or bleached. A few of the trousers were stained beyond repair. It is what you’d expect to see happen to clothing one would need to wear every day.  Work clothing that is washed and repaired countless times.



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