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Recreational Slippers: Soft, Warm, & Furry For Indoors & Out!

Winter Trend: Furry slippers for outdoors.

Traditionally, slippers are reserved for indoor wear only.  The slipper, since it first appeared, is designed as a low-heel shoe made with delicate fabric or very fine leather, usually with a foldable rubber heel, that barely covers the foot so you can put them on and take them off easily. We heard that Queen Marie Antoinette owned about 500 pair, Empress Josephine exactly 521.

And not much had changed with this low key design until Gucci decided to break with tradition and style an indoor slipper for outside! And BOOM, the fashion world exploded with the outdoor slipper trend. (Oh The Drama!)

Gucci fur slipper styled for outdoor wear.
Gucci furry slippers styled for outdoor wear.

This is not an easy look to pull off. There is something a bit strange watching people shuffle and slide down the street in slippers. And don’t get us started on the many fashion tragedies we’ve witnessed of pairing slippers with outdoor wear.

But there is the occasional flash of style brilliance, just enough to make us want to try it.


The key to the outdoor slipper trend is to keep it casual. Suecomma Bonnie, Korea’s first generation shoe designer, has a super cute line of slippers from delicate to furry. We love the ease of her shoes. And they are still sartorial.

Her faux fur slipper (featured below) is a cross between the Gucci loafer style that is so popular right now and the shaggy fur style Gucci released for Fall/Winter 2017-18 that no one has braved the style gods to try.

The way to style it is with your favorite pair of denim blues and a slouchy sweater or simple silk blouse.

Suecomme Bonnie faux fur slipper
Suecomme Bonnie faux fur slipper

The best part is that they are affordable ($300 – 500) depending upon the embellishment.

So what do you think? Drop a comment in the section below!

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