Dondup Pre-Fall 2018.

Dondup deserves a cool try mention for their pre-fall 2018 collection. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Dondup has a strict style code dedicated to functional, classic design – silk plissé on dresses and skirts, lots of woven knit and lean slacks for men, and traditional tailoring for everyone. And this aesthetic is the pillar on which the brand has been constructed.

Over the years I’ve wondered if Dondup would incorporate the sportwear influence, so heavy now in fashion rotation, into the Dondup world. And well, it appears they finally have, for pre-fall 2018 Dondup’s traditional designs get a makeover in tech fabrics.


Dondup features classic trench coats, printed ballerina skirts and frilly jumpsuits in popular all-weather tech fabrics, such as Nylon or Pertex, which are typically used for more extreme sportwear activity. It’s a play on the popular trend to wear your active wear as day-wear – Dondup reversed it, your day-wear is made in active fabrics. Hmmm, I see what you did there!


This new aesthetic is a strong attempt to appeal to everybody, and to introduce the new generation to a more tailored aesthetic. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, Millennials, in our clothes you can still brave the rain, sit outdoors and party all night long”.

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection


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