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Fan Bingbing Wears Iris Van Herpen And Changes Red Carpet Expectations Forever.

We all have unusually high expectations for the red carpet. Unfortunately we have been met with disappointment after disappointment watching the world’s biggest models, actors, musicians and “influencers” strut down industry red carpets in predictable gowns that don’t say much about the changing aesthetic of fashion. But happily that all changed a few days ago the moment Fan Bingbing stepped onto the iQIYI Awards stage to accept the filmmaker of the year award!

Fan Bingbing in Iris Van Herpen Fall 2017

If you’re thinking that you’ve seen that porcelain face somewhere before, you probably have. She’s perhaps best known to U.S. audiences for playing Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The more fashion-minded will recognize Fan and her sartorial prowess from sitting front row at the Valentino, Armani, Dior, and Versace Spring 2018 fashion shows. Mmmhhm!

Iris Van Herpen Fall 2017 presentation

Fan Bingbing specifically made headlines for receiving the iQIYI Filmmaker of the Year award dressed in this Iris van Herpen Aeriform dress from the Fall 2017 Couture collection. The pure technical masterpiece and visual poetry that is an Iris Van Herpen design always takes my breath way. And the artistry of the Fall 2017 Couture squiggly wave gown Fan chose to wear to the awards, styled with De Beers jewels, was no exception.

This is a dress many starlets would look at and dismiss as too conceptual but Fan Bingbing clearly saw a stunner. And by wearing it to a prestigious award ceremony Fan immediately became our futuristic style star for all eternity.

Iris Van Herpen Fall 2017 presentation

As if that isn’t enough to love this woman, the actress, singer, and fashion icon is also an entrepreneur. Fan formed her own production studio in 2007, appropriately titled Fan Bingbing Studio, and then went on to star in eight films that same year. 😮

In addition to her entertainment platform she is also a philanthropist. She co-founded the Heart Ali project with Beijing Maite Media CEO, Chen Lizhi, to aid children suffering from congenital heart disease in Tibet. And she financed surgery for ten children with congenital heart defects.


Tell us, what do you think? Do you love her style choice or not?

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