New Concept Design For Mobility & Repair.

c15a08df-7838-4176-88b2-06eeb6a44d7bGone are the days of bulky furnishings too heavy to carry, too wide to fit through doors, and too expensive to store. Designers are finally waking up to the idea of flexible furnishings that offer some freedom – designed for mobility and repair.

This new design concept created by David de Gourcuff and Aki & Arnaud Cooren’s co-designers is rich in inspiration. The “Tiss-Tiss” (2017) chair was named for its design aesthetic and mobility. The smart combo of lightweight metal pieces jigsawed for easy assembly and layered with soft fabric is pure design poetry.

The “Tiss-Tiss” Chair
The “Tiss-Tiss” Chair

The armchair is created using aluminum plates, fabric is applied over the plates on both sides and hand sewn along the edges to provide a smooth flat finish! The concept won The 2017 Liliane Bettencourt Prize for it’s ingenuity and grace.


A beautiful, simple inspiring design that should be easy to recreate at an affordable price! Keep your fingers crossed.

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