First Look: Fornasetti’s Inspiring New Design Objects (Next Stop London).

Everyday objects get a dramatic make over.

At the preview of the new Fornasetti collection waves of nostalgia washed over me as I perused their opera inspired design objects. It made me stop and try to remember when the last time I went to the Opera? It’s been a while. The last time I was there it was for La Boheme, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. I can still see the grandeur of the location and hear the heart-wrenching, operatic arias of the lead actress. Puccini! Am I right?

It all came back so easily. This is a good thing! The new Fornasetti collection does that to you. The collection is inspired by another legendary opera, “Don Giovanni”. The most inspirational pieces of the Fornasetti “Don Giovanni” collection are simple everyday design objects crafted from porcelain, decorated with gold and hand painted to show the dramatic beauty and majesty of the opera house.



The press preview in Milan at the Fornasetti Store was the first stop but the lot will be transferred to London for an official launch and a world premiere at Harrods department store. The pieces will be showcased across the home department on the second floor.

Go check it out!


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