Natural Beauty: Truffle Skin Care.

Seriously? Mushrooms, right?

Truffles are utterly intoxicating; a heady scent that if you find yourself hooked will turn you a bit googly-eyed every time you encounter their smell. But truthfully, they don’t taste like much – it is the gas they release that gives truffles their earthy flavor. As a truffle lover I like the idea of truffles in beauty products but I’d never have considered it.

Eye creams, hair products and hand creams are some of the many cosmetic products where truffles are the main additive ingredient.

Black Truffles found in France

Products with truffle in them are a little pricey, but that is true for truffles in cuisine. They are a very prominent ingredient of the haute cuisines of Greece, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Croatia, and the Middle East.

The use of truffles in cosmetics is a relatively new discovery.  Products speak of truffles deep penetrating ability into your skin (plausible given these mushrooms have learned to bloom underground) to deliver essential fatty acids and nutrients that diminish lines and wrinkles.

Researchers found out that truffles revitalize the skin’s natural age-fighting abilities. They energize the cells to better defend and repair themselves. And regular application of truffle skin care products purports elastic, younger-looking skin.

No wonder why it is one of the more prized ingredients of luxury skin care lines today. And thanks to online technology, everybody now has access to a wide range of truffle skin care products.

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