Pinky Rings: When To Wear Them.

Arizona Muse rebelliously wore an Annelise Michelson gold metallic draped pinky ring on her little finger and it got us to thinking when and why SHOULD a pinky ring be worn. Hmmm..

Arizona Muse in an Annalese Michelson draped short pinky ring on her right hand.  Photo Credit: @arizona_muse

Traditionally, there are 5 reasons to wear pinky rings.

  1. The British Royal Family have an ironclad tradition of wearing a pinky ring on the left finger upon matrimony.
  2. But, during the Victorian era both single men and women uninterested in pursuing marriage wore a ring on their little finger.
  3. In North America students in engineering are rewarded with a silver pinky ring upon graduating.
  4. Rumor has it Ben Bowen wore one for a day to show jackpots he was a boss player.
  5. But the more modern use of the pinky ring in fashion dictates that you wear it whenever you want.

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