Truisms Then & Now By Jenny Holzer.

Jenny Holzer, 66, has a reputation for her text-based, multi-platform projections. She began her first series, Truisms, in 1977 as a distillation of an erudite reading list from the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York, where she was a student; by 1979 she had written several hundred of these statements.

We’ve selected 10 truistic one-liners that are as true today as they were yesterday.

Truisms: Then & Now by Jenny Holzer

“Life is not a rehearsal.”

“Much was decided before you were born.”

Jenny Holzer Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way from the series Truisms T-Shirts (1980-)

“Abuse of power comes as no surprise.”

“Redistributing wealth is imperative.”

“Grass roots agitation is the only hope.”

Off-White designer Virgil Abloh and artist Jenny Holzer collaborated on Off-White’s first presentation for Pitti Uomo in Florence earlier this year. Holzer was intrigued by Abloh’s open-minded approach, which came out of the blue to her, as well as by his wide range of concerns and curiosities.

“Protect me from what I want.”

“Confusing yourself is a way to stay honest.”


“Romantic love was invented to manipulate women.”

“Money creates tastes.”

“You must disagree with authority figures.”

Jenny Holzer Expiring for Love Is Beautiful but Stupid (1983–85)