DROMe Opens First Store During Milan Fashion Week.

Young french-based brand DROMe launches it’s first store during Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018. The store is located in the heart of Milan’s high fashion district on Via Santo Spirito.

The store’s brutalist interior is the work of Baciocchi Associati. Messages of future feminism and humanity run along a digital messaging board.

DJ at the DROMe opening party during Milan Fashion Week

The space expresses a stark minimalism that is a perfect reflection of the brands clothing line. Minimal lines are everywhere, in the laser-ribbed walls that start from the entrance to the sharp lighting that slashes along the ceiling.DROMe Milan 02DROMe Milan 01

The floors are made of resin, and the walls and ceiling are concrete. The store is led by a long hallway which opens up to larger rooms as you walk. Each room features steely benches with plush cushions in soft colors. The rooms also display DROMe’s fall 2017 collection. Surprisingly the options on display are also at a minimum, we suppose they are properly hidden in the back. The pieces that are showcased are suspended on steel racks.

DROMe Milan 07DROMe Milan 10

Pops of blue scatter across lacquered surfaces, they act as sconces to illuminate accessory’s deep in the interior space.

Sculpture at the DROMe store in Milan

The tour ends in the rear of the store where the fitting room is located. Inside is a steel sculpture: a metal strip wrapped around a fulcrum that creates a sort of “spatial spiral”.  It acts as the center piece for the store.

18, Via Santo Spirito
Milan, Italy

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