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Best New Designers At New York Fashion Week Spring 2018. Part 3 of 3

This year the New York fashion world showcased more than a few breakthrough designers when it came to embracing the idea of genderless style, mixing traditions and and boldly re-imagining the old for the new.

For our annual, 3 part, Designer Watch: Best New Designers edition we shined the spotlight first on structural masterminds Concept Korea, Chromat, Dion Lee and Bibhu Mohapatra. Then we focused on designers Hakan Akkaya, Libertine, and Calvin Liu who take the art of print and texture design to a whole other level.

For our final picks from the best and brightest at New York Fashion Week we searched for visionaries; these three, Namilia, John Paul Ataker and Jonathan Simkai offer a fresh perspective on fashion in the woman’s world.


Namilia was founded in 2015 by Berlin based designers Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl. The duo met while attending the University of Arts Berlin. The duo’s first collection, “My Pussy, My Choice” was selected for VFiles Runway – October 2015. New York and the fashion world responded with a resounding YES! and they soon graced the pages of celebrated fashion magazines and blogs including: VFiles, Vogue, LOVE Magazine, W Magazine, Dazed & Confused, i-D and many more.


In many ways Namilia is a feminist collection. Rebels. Provocateurs. Destroyers of false perception. Namilia is driven by an unwavering revolutionary youth spirit committed and devoted to the true feminine in all her forms. For Namalia clothing is an aesthetic tool and a visual platform to express their beliefs, conflicts and dreams.

jonathan simkai

New York’s new darling is Jonathan Simkhai, a luxury ready-to-wear collection for the modern woman. The core aesthetic philosophy plays with the tension of masculine strength and feminine sensuality; reflected in the employment of customized fabrics, romantic detailing, linear lines, and contoured silhouettes. Through designs that seek to embolden women with confidence, ease, and sensuality, the brand represents modern versatility.

Simkhai is continuously inspired by the built environment, which motivates his creative process and desire to push conventional design boundaries. His work often explores the confluence of technology and hand-made artistry.

john paul ataker

Numan Ataker is a native of Turkey and the designer behind the John Paul Ataker collection in partnership with Kerime Ataker. The luxurious evening collection draws upon his childhood background and experience of growing up in a family run fashion business.  His family worked in all aspects of creation from tailoring, fabric development and patterns creating one of a kind shapes for notable clients looking for one of kind silhouettes.  The collection caters to a fashion forward customer and is made up of curated styles with design integrity, a focus on the fit, intricate details and hand-sewn craftsmanship.

Kerime Ataker helms the growth of the business here in the United States.  “With every new season, a renewed sense of excitement surrounds the brand signature and its international business growth,” says Kerime Ataker.

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