5 Minute Decorative Transformation Ideas

Effortless functional style

Below are 5, five minute (more or less) decorative transformation ideas for those of you who are short on space and short on time.

The Nook

Every apartment should have a nook.

For our small space we used a stool. And the light fixture was found at a local home goods store for about 20 bucks. If you don’t feel like mounting it on the wall, prop it on the table.

Finally, a nook wouldn’t be a nook without a book, prop a few of your favorites to entice people over.

Photo: Atilla Taskiran

Wall sconce

OK, technically we tied a vase to a wall but look how pretty! Again, any half moon shape container with a lip will do. To secure it use twine, it can be found everywhere – from the supermarket to the nursery!

While you’re at the nursery pick up a cheap bouquet!

Photo: Annie Spratt

Stair plants

Yes we totally made this phrase up, specifically for those of you with open space concepts with stairs that lead into the house or up to a loft-bed.

Sometimes the stairs can look awful cold. Prop plants in bowls and vases and line them along the edge of the stairs for instant design appeal!


Collage Art

At this point we are taking liberties with the names.

Many converted spaces in big cities will sometimes be short on closet space. So why not use that wall space for more than just art.

Rope is very inexpensive and can be had at any sporting goods store. Suspend it from the ceiling, add a hook, and poof you have a functional art collage!

Photo: Jason Briscoe

Open Closet

If suspending things seems like too much work – and you’re still short on space – might we recommend a butler? OK you have me, it’s a towel rack but look how perfect! These are great for minimalists.

Photo: Tu Tu

I’d love to hear your quick and easy design ideas! Please share them with me in the comments section or send an email to

We’ll share your ideas with our readers!


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