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Normcore Style Guide: From Summer To Fall

We give thought to style transitions in the final days of summer. Layers are key as temperatures rise and fall more frequently through-out the day. Here are five key pieces to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.

The Smock

We love the utter simplicity and ease of the Jucca smock as a sheer ultra-light covering. The gingham fabric keeps that summery vibe going too.

High Waist Shorts

The high waist shorts are a full blown trend in fashion and can be worn with a pair of flats (as shown) or with tights and boots in early fall!



The Raincape

Ok, statement piece much? And it’s totally functional, totally badass and totally feminine.



The Trouser

These wool/ linen blend trousers are super soft and light-weight. They will transition easily from summer to early fall.

The Leather Car Coat

It is very hard to find car coats in white. This one by Annakiki is brilliant because IT IS in white and it’s made in leather.

The soft topper is perfect for cool summer nights and will go with everything in your wardrobe in early fall.



Photography: Isabella Sanfilippo | Styling: Nichelle Cole | MUA: Giulia Sbarzella
Styling Assistant: Akshita Thakur | Production Assistants: Cristina Severi
& Lola Montanaro | Model: Isidora @Brave

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