Café Lifestyle: The Albion

The patter of rain slows against the windowpane of The Albion as you snack on Welsh rarebit and sip from a steaming cup of milky black tea, flipping the crisp, off-the-press pages of the Sunday Observer. In and out flows a constant stream of café-goers, laughing and greeting each other, umbrellas flapping closed, a rain-damp herringbone cap tossed onto an empty stool. To get inside you stroll past waifish artists smoking in furs and flannels under a mural reading in giant painted bubble letters, “Let’s adore and endure each other.” All around you are locals, toting shopping bags or chatting over lunch, all dressed for a smart Sunday and lit up by the sunlight that’s just breaking through earl-grey London clouds.


Albion Café is a bakery and artisanal British food shop that’s become a local institution. Housed inside a Victorian-era former printing factory Albion is a cultural touchstone for East Londoners and a clubhouse for thriving artists and the fashion scene.

The Albion’s fresh produce market

The Albion ethos is all about local British food – specializing in unfussy and informal all-day dining- the menu champions great produce and seasonal ingredients. The kitchen team combines modern cooking styles with time-honored methods to create a happy combination of contemporary recipes and long-established classics – all pleasingly simple, and generously served.

Albion has its own personality, it operates independently from the typical cafe. The location includes a small grocery, juice bar, oyster bar, a station with local craft beer and a wine shop too.

The cafe and shop are open all day and everyone is welcome!

Albion is a celebration of Britain and the local area in every sense – from the artisan produce on the shelves and the seasonal ingredients in the kitchens, right down to the décor, furniture and, the smaller details, like their knives and forks.

The Albion Café
 2-4 Boundary St, London E2 7DD, UK

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