Skin Elixirs

There are countless new beauty products created each and every month, and the number is growing. We comb through the mass to deliver a Beauty By Design report every Thursday listing the top in skin care, beauty, & experimental design.

Today we focus on skin elixirs.

Lace Your Face


Chemical peels, while effective, can be harsh. DERMOVIA is a soothing mineral peel that repairs, lifts, and firms your skin. The natural ingredients are a botanical combination derived from Squalene, Apple Stem Cell, and Cogon Grass Extract.


Lilah b., $45

The Lilah b. “Aglow Face Mist” is a good habit to employ after skin treatments. The sheer, lightweight mist invigorates and enlivens the skin, and helps it to re-balance.

The hydrating mist is basically an enriched mineral water with calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.  A dandelion extract detoxifies, soothes and promotes skin radiance.



Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, $90
While a blend of skin perfecting botanical lipids help treat and maintain our skin’s health we should also help boost healthy oil production. Flora’s “Hydroactive cellular face oil” is an anti-wrinkle, replenishing, skin-perfecting oil boost hydrating formula that encourages production of natural oils. Rose Geranium and Palma Rosa encourage gentle lymphatic detoxification for soft and supple skin. While rosehip oil, a natural source of trans-retinoic acid, replenishes skin to help with that glow!


Bellatora, $165

It’s never too soon to consider anti-aging treatments. There are ways to gently fight signs of aging if started sooner than later. A natural alternative to Botox is Bellatora’s complex formula of Acmella Oleracea Extract and Malachite Extract which lifts, tightens, reduces muscle tension and wrinkles, combats daily stresses, calms, soothes and protects against free-radicals to prevent future damage.

Its restorative benefits soothes irritated skin, revealing a younger, fresher, smoother and brighter complexion.


Tatch, $30

For a (final) touch of luxury, Tatch’s 23-karat gold flake gloss glides on with a golden shimmer. The ultra-hydrating Camellia Oil leaf lip balm nourishes and leaves lips soft and kissable.


Bougeotte, $165

Your home should smell as good as your skin feels. Bougeotte’s room scent is as clean and pure as your nourished skin. It’s very intense with notes of tabac a pipe, poudre d’orient, tobacco and oriental heart notes like Violet, Caramel, Sandalwood, Honey, Precious Wood, & Patchouli.



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