Break Out Your Check Book. Fornasetti Announces A New, Limited Edition Design Reissue.

Fornasetti "Tamburo Comme des Fornà" collection. (photo: courtesy)

Fornasetti is an art-furnishings brand famous for its whimsical objects. Milanese painter, sculptor and interior designer Piero Fornasetti started the company in 1943 in his home city. The company has produced more than 13,000 products including notable collaborations with Comme des Garçons and Valentino. After the passing of Piero in the late 80s the house fell under the creative direction of Barnaba Fornasetti, Piero’s son.

In the beginning Barnaba clutched his father’s legacy tightly to his chest beating back copycats. Later he wisely re-branded the company and its products placing his father’s covetable graphic images onto everyday objets d’art.

Plate 150, $126, from Piero Fornasetti’s Theme and Variations series, modeled loosely on Lina Cavalieri, the early 1900s Italian soprano. Courtesy photo | Fornasetti Archives

Fornasetti imagery on scented candles, gold-rimmed plates, ceramic globe diffusers, porcelain ash trays and boxed incense all became accessible luxury. The household design objects turned Fornasetti into one of the largest luxury commercial brands in the world.

Barnaba also continued his father’s heritage furniture line decorated using lithographs from the archives.

And recently, during the 2017 Design Week, Barnaba announced he will re-release the iconic “Cilindro” series. The limited edition re-release features house mascot Lina Cavalieri (circa 1900s), an Italian soprano singer and muse of Piero Fornasetti.

Wall Plate No.160 in Gold $277

The re-release has three storage units including a small storage table (diameter 80cm x 61h), a small display cabinet (diameter 60cm x 135h) and a tall display case (diameter 60cm x 145h) for glasses, bottles or anything one wishes to exhibit.

Fornasetti “Vetrina Comme des Fornà” display case

Fornasetti table

Fornasetti “City of dots”display case

All three versions are made of wood, printed, lacquered and hand painted, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $25,0000.

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