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Healthy & Clean Transportation: Urban Cycling In Big Cities.

The bike boom over the last decade is the result of rising urbanization in cities. To keep up with their growing population city planners have shifted their transportation and urban planning strategy away from cars, which cause congestion and pollution, to a healthier and cleaner transportation option, the bicycle.

Research shows the social, economic, environmental and health benefits of urban cycling are big. In addition to the health and clean air benefits, the city saves money in maintenance and repairs and they attract more businesses and higher quality talent.

Taurus 1908 bicycle introduced at Ferrari Milano (May 2017)

Here’s how cities on every continent have made the switch to urban cycling.

Buenos Aires (South America)

Meet the new poster child for bicycle urbanism. Buenos Aires has shown that with the right political will and investment a large city can transform itself for the new millennium.

Bordeaux (Europe)

The VCub bike-share system in Bordeaux markets cycling to the mainstream as opposed to subcultures. And they are making clear headway.

New Taurus 1908 bicycle introduced at the Ferrari Milano event in Milan (May 2017)

Minneapolis (North America)

Minneapolis is the first American city to feature urban cycling in a major way. The city boasts a 120 mile bicycle run it calls “on-street bikeways” and 90 miles of off-street lanes.

Taurus 1908 bicycle introduced at Ferrari Milano (May 2017)

Beijing, China (Asia)

Debatable? Sure. But I wouldn’t call the city with probably the most bicycles of any in the world to be bike unfriendly.

Perth (Australia)

With more than 700 km of bike routes and plenty to see along them, Australia’s fourth largest city takes our recommendation for best riders, down under.

Taurus 1908 bicycle introduced at Ferrari Milano (May 2017)

The North Pole (Antarctica)

Ok, there are no BikeMe programs here but cycling is a thing in the Antarctic. Actually it’s an adventure.

For a bike ride in Antarctica, you’ll need this …

The journey starts in Punta, Chile and from there you’ll fly into the Antarctic base camp. After a two day acclimation period and with a Polar expert as your guide, and perched atop a custom fat-tire bike- stylish in your own Canada Goose down jacket, you’ll embark on a 7-day bicycle adventure to the South Pole. The tour, called The Last Degree, includes all meals, tents, stoves and fuel for the bargain price of $75,000.


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