Salvatore Ferragamo First High Profile Brand To Use This Vegan Fiber Fabric

Salvatore Ferragamo takes sustainability to the next level with a new vegan fiber fabric generated from non-edible byproducts. This wonderful new natural resource is made from citrus fruits – or more specifically, from what remains after squeezing them for juice. Typically discarded, the remains are transformed into a new sustainable reusable product that actually reduces waste as well as pollution.

How awesome is that??!

“Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” -Definition of Sustainability

Salvatore Ferragamo design with patented orange fiber fabric
Discards of Sicily oranges are used to create an innovative new material.

Salvatore Ferragamo partnered exclusively with Orange Fiber Fabric, an Italian company dedicated to the development of sustainable products from oranges, to produce a daily-wear capsule collection of ethereal, breezy pieces for the S/S 2017 season. The beautifully constructed fabrics are enhanced with an exclusive print by the award winning designer Mario Trimarchi.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Orange Fiber fabric

The announcement that Ferragamo is the first high profile designer to use a sustainable resource in fashion is less than a surprise and more of a celebration. The brand has faithfully shown a responsible passion for creative innovation and sustainable design.

At a minimum the experimentation by Salvatore Ferragamo raises questions of what is possible in the world of luxury fashion and sustainability. The future of taste, the future of wearable design, but most importantly, the future of our world can be as simple as thinking differently.

Full Salvatore Ferragamo capsule collection in collaboration with Orange Fiber Fabric.

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