“From The Roots”: Designed By Brando Coleman.

Designs by “From The Roots”

My Life

i’m just 19 so i’m still going to high school and now i am in my last year and I’m deciding which university i’d like to attend. it’s funny because i’m going to a scientific school in Vicenza called “Lioy and that’s because since i was a boy I always used to wonder how things happen around us. in high school i’m actually popular, but just because i’m funny and i always like to complain and defend my friends against teachers. although at the same time i think i’m also an outsider because i’ve always seen things in a different way in respect to my friends. i was born in NY, that is the opposite of where i live at the moment, and so i’m more open minded and i sometimes feel like i don’t belong to where i am. 

“From The Roots” by Brando Coleman and Roberto Rigon

i love movies because i always take inspiration from them and because i’m obsessed with the fact that something must always tell a story to make sense or it’s useless. my favorite film is inception. i have watched it a thousand times and i still love it. i love the cut at the end of the film that leaves the final question to the viewer, inviting speculation about whether the final sequence was real or another dream. that’s not something we are used to, we always expect to have an answer.  

My Heroes

my heroes are my grandparents, they helped me grow, they made me learn about fashion and they’ve supported me in every decision I’ve made, also economically when i started the FTR brand with Roberto Rigon. other heroes who I continually take inspiration from are Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X and anyone who generally fought and tragically died for the rights of everyone and gave their life to permit us now to live in a better world. i think i am a good guy because i’ve always tried to defend everyone whether he was a friend or not and i’ve never actually gotten myself into a fight. 

“From The Roots” designers Brando Coleman (left) and Roberto Rigon (right)

Muhammad Ali is also my hero because he fought outside of the ring and he wasn’t afraid to be himself and to say what was right. my favorite literary hero is Oscar Wilde because of his attitude, his way of living, his life and his aphorisms. Einstein because of his discoveries, and his decisions to fight for the right cause, and the fact that he was one of the few scientists against war- and i love his quotes about it, like: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. my favorite design hero is Hiroshi Fujiwara because he always thought outside the box not just following others, and even going against his own work when he closed his clothing line A.F.F.A with Jun Takashi because they thought that New Punk was too mainstream. my favorite political hero is Barack Obama because he was a real president a real person to follow with real values. he represents someone to aim towards and he fought for a better democracy by introducing Obamacare and he tried to make America safer by trying to restrict the use of weapons and also because of his revolutionary ideas and the fact that he was and still is with his foundation which really opened to the youth. my favorite art hero is Bansky because of all his work that tells a story and has a story behind it and has a real aim, a real purpose. 


“From The Roots” by Brando Coleman and Roberto Rigon

One Adventure

when i went back to New York after several years, and i didn’t remember anything about it, i was fascinated by all the changes and it was like discovering something totally new. 

One painful memory

my best friend who i used to pass all the day with had to go back to Germany.

“From The Roots” by Brando Coleman and Roberto Rigon

One happy memory

my first fashion show, thanks to a friend of my mother, i worked all day long as an assistant of Anna Cleveland and also for Missoni. that was the day when i finally convinced myself that I wanted to work all my life in fashion no matter what.

“From The Roots” by Brando Coleman and Roberto Rigon

The Fashion World

being a son of a model and a lawyer who specializes in art helped me significantly because both my parents helped me in my studies in fashion. they let me work with them and their friends. also being part italian and growing up in an italian family helped to form my taste in fashion.

Design inspiration

At the moment no one in design brings me nostalgia because i’m still a really young designer, although photos actually cause me to feel nostalgia and happiness at the same time when they remind me of when i was free without anything to think about ahah. 


“From The Roots” by Brando Coleman and Roberto Rigon

I’ve never worn a uniform and i hope i won’t be forced to wear one ever in my life because I hate them. In my social life i wear mostly street wear clothes like Doublet, Gosha Rubchinskiy ,Raf Simons, Fragment design, Human Made, Y-3, Bape, Youth Of Paris, Wood Wood, Cav Empt ecc when there is an elegant moment as i was taught by my italian grandparents i wear casual clothes like Ermenegildo Zegna , Massimo Dutti, Burberry, Thom Browne, Kiton, Brooks Brothers ecc so i would say that i wear what i want based on the moment and even on how i’m feeling. i always like to say that clothes reflect our souls.


It is becoming very hard to find the time because of the brand and school. i always find the time to play soccer, i’ve been playing since i was young. and i try to go to the gym. i also like to go out dancing on Friday and Saturday nights and i love snowboarding in the backcountry while getting lost in nature with friends.

“From The Roots” by Brando Coleman and Roberto Rigon


i care for my mental well-being by meditating, some days i just leave the phone at home and go out with no destination and i like to go until i feel like i’m in the right spot to sit down chill and just think or read a book with peaceful silence. usually I think about the lives of the most important designers of our era. 

From The Roots

motto: “Everything Comes From The Roots” and the essence of it represents the brand’s manifesto. just like anything else, the brand has its roots. its roots lie within the need to discover our past in order to improve our future. individuals need to be part of a collective movement, a collective movement which can recognize and share their emotions, their thoughts and their feelings. both individuals and their social groups require strong roots. our roots are our common core and can define the groups we are a part of; they can define a team, a nation, a continent or even the world itself. at the same time, our roots make us unique and special, they can help us understand where we come from, where we belong and what we believe in.

The full From The Roots Spring/ Summer 2017 collection:

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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