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Online workouts are part of a wider web based fitness trend that we say is about time. Fitness trackers, smart watches and GPS tracking devices are everywhere now. More and more people are participating in online fitness challenges and weight loss contests or doing their workouts with streaming videos or with YouTube videos. The once prominent brick and mortar gym or studio has seen it’s heyday. And for those who believe brick and mortar facilities help people socialize and interact we say to them, that’s what bars are for.

As a fitness girl who has tried everything from gym memberships and group classes to solo outdoor running in the park exercise, I’ve discovered the difference between the two. The gym is a good match for people who are looking to meet new people, whose motivations stem from being in an immersive environment. But as someone who is busy and highly motivated I don’t need the steely decorations or the extra cost to get my sweat on- what I need is flexibility and customization options that fit my lifestyle which is why online workouts just appeal to me more!

Let’s talk options and by the end you’ll see why online workouts are the best way to go.

YouTube Fitness Videos

With my travel schedule, hellish work hours and general all-over-the-place schedule, trying to catch a break to exercise (within gym hours) won’t work. The beauty of YouTube is that workouts can be accessed anytime and anywhere. And they are typically short form videos of about 10 minutes which offer everything including cardio, strength training, tabata, yoga, Pilates, and more.

My favorite is Teyana’s body-sculpting online workout Fade2Fit based around dance moves. With 58 Million views – I’m not the only one watching!

Workout Apps & Online Coaches

At The Fashion Plate we are all about the latest apps. And workout Apps are our latest obsession for convenient, do-whenever, wherever-you-are workouts. The most popular one in the office is definitely the app Sweat With Kayla.

Sweat With Kayla

We tried it. We like it!  Kayla is like the online personal trainer we all want.

And, speaking of which, now there are online personal trainers who offer custom video workouts that include motivational support for those high-maintenance individuals who might need a little more encouragement. exercise_1Online trainers are available day or night via phone, text, IM, Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, everywhere!

Live-Stream Classes

Live-Stream Classes are the master classes of online workouts. They say, welcome to the future! Now from anywhere in the world you can stream a high-intensity, body-transforming workout.

©Brandon Pereira

One of the best is Ballet Beautiful, they let you pay per stream/workout. Yep, dance is a theme for us. Personally I love the Supermodel workouts. Hey, a girl can dream.

All of these examples show the promise of the rise of web based fitness living. And with the latest VR technology, who knows what could be next? We wouldn’t mind a virtual reality dance cardio class!

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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