See: Visual Arts & Fashion Combine With “Flourir” by Peet Dullaert

Morning look.

“Flourir” by Peet Dullaert is part of an ongoing visual arts project developed by the designer. “Flourir” features the Peet Dullaert Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection focused on

“Life; the beauty of diversity and the proud manifestation of unique identity.” -Peet Dullaert

The work of flower stylist Claire Boreau inspired the creative team to explore the harmony of flourishing organic shape and human anatomy.

See the full “Flourir” visual arts editorial by Peet Dullaert:

Creative Direction: Peet Dullaert – Photography: Robbert Jacobs – Casting Director: Mitch Macken MM Casting – Styling: David Gomez Villamediana – Flower styling: NUE Paris Claire Boreau – Makeup: Carlos Saidel – Hair: Magdalena Loza

Featured models:
Chanel de Leon – Elle Taen – Indigo Hanlon – Riet Vermeersch – Antoine Loro – Edun – Xu Liu – Dais Huisman – India Ruiterman – Elle Taen – Aviv Schneider – Kaina Mercado – Maggie Jablonski – Ursula Hendrickx – Sean Levy – Virgile Malarewicz – Amelia Kearney – Anabel Krasnotsvetova

Photographed at the Atelier Néerlandais in Paris.

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