Issey Miyake’s New Experimental Design Gallery Opens (Tokyo)

In 2007 designer Issey Miyake saw the need of a base for design in Japan, and 21_21 Design Sight was born. A decade later Issey Miyake is standing with a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon on Gallery 3, the latest construction at 21_21 Design Sight dedicated to experimental design programs.

Gallery 3 exhibitions are curated in collaboration with corporations, schools and cultural institutions throughout the world. The NewGen program aims to discover the impacts of an inclusive society on global design to encourage a dialogue between us about our life, society and culture from a design point of view.


 As we are heading towards the future, we must think of new ways by which to inspire one another and to share knowledge with more and more people. 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is entering a new phase as a venue aiming to be opened for everyone. I hope we can continue to create new ways by which to keep the world moving. -Issey Miyake

“I Have An Idea” Exhibition with Frank Genry at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo

Design hubs like these are a necessity. We live in an internet age in which global happenings are revealed on a millisecond basis. Cultural boundaries are disappearing and social norms have become subdivided. Society is in a state of re-evaluation on social inequity, ethics and value systems in what many call a WOKE global society.

“Athlete” A photographic exhibition currently on show through June 2017 | 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo (courtesy photo)

Exhibitions at 21_21 Design Sight focus on the wavering social norms in society, the nature of the shifting world and how we live in it.

Motion Science exhibition | 21_21 Design Sight (courtesy photo)

Artists and designers showcased at 21_21 Design Sight question the nature of the changing world and what effects can be brought about from fabricating it.

Shiro Kuramata’s ‘Hal_Off’ chair at the Shiro Kuramata and Ettore Sottsass Exhibition in 2011 | 21_21 Design Sight

These creatives look at how, in contemporary society, design is evolving from being simply “consumed” to creating “activities”, “site”, or “relations” to broaden the boundaries between society and design, and go beyond backgrounds and geographical borders, transcending time axes and even continents.

21_21 Design Sight
Midtown Garden, Tokyo Midtown,
9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan

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