Architecture Of The Future: First Look At Réalimenter Masséna’s New Eco-Homes.

Ré-alimenter Masséna by award winning architect Lina Ghotmeth (photo: courtesy)

The European Architects Review Awards are the only awards exclusively for future architecture. They celebrate excellence in un-built or forthcoming projects of “visionary architects” from around the world.

One such project named “Réalimenter Masséna” by Lina Ghotmeh received one of these coveted awards in celebration of what is described as an unrivaled innovative design of the future. Réalimenter Masséna is a 14-story wooden tower that is both sustainable and sensitive to the environment.

Ré-alimenter Masséna by award winning architect Lina Ghotmeth

The project is inspired by Ghotmeth’s dark past. A migrant from war-torn Beirut, the French-Lebanese architect is driven by a desire to “rebuild all that is destroyed”.

But her breakthrough innovations go beyond restoration, ”Réalimenter Masséna” is a residential space that connects people and re-links architecture to the environment.

Self-proclaimed as “trend resistant” Ghotmeh considers aesthetics, re-use of materials to avoid waste, environmental safety, human interaction and most importantly designs which give back to the land.


“We need to make architecture that re-links the construct to the environment. It is crucial that architects re-think the process of architecture in a different way today.” -Lina Ghotmeh

Lina Ghotmeh in front of the Estonian National Museum. Photo by Tõnu Tunnel.

The newgen architect recently launched a full service consulting firm, Lina Ghotmeh Architecture, and has already snagged leading contracts including a city Stone Gardens, a residential project with a gallery space currently under construction in Ghotmeh’s home city of Beirut; the redesign of the Tokyo Eat restaurant inside the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, reopening in Summer 2017; and the design of the exhibition Wonderlab for the Tokyo National Museum opening in Fall 2017.

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