TFP Original Editorial: L.A. Rebirth.

Johnny Depp had it right in the ’90s. His tousled locks, his penchant for statement blazers and his predilection for oversize toppers and suave suiting are all noteworthy.



Depp’s easy going L.A. style acts as our muse to reflect the growing menswear trends coming out of L.A. right now.

Today, Los Angeles is attracting creative talent in the design industry and high-end menswear has moved away from formality to a “creative casual” wardrobe more vital than a suit and tie.

Even men who still wear a suit to work every day can benefit in their off-duty hours from creative labels like Greg Lauren and Hosio, or unisex brands like AnnaKiki and Angelos Frentzos.

Smart Textiles & Tech Fabrics

Bruno @Major wears sweater by Annakiki

Smart textiles and tech fabrics are the future. They add value to the wearer and often times the environment. But more importantly, they just look really cool.

Tip: Go all out with equally tech-friendly footwear made from high performing textiles.

Quilted trainers by Baldinini (Spring 2017)

Color Coded


Bruno @Major wears trousers by Angelos Frentzos, coat by Hosio, belt by Annakiki, shirt by Massimo Rebecchi, and shoe by OXS

Over the last few seasons color staples in menswear have shifted to rich and luminous hues calling attention to modified silhouettes, technical surfaces and softer construction of jackets and trousers.

Tip: When you go bright, keep all else basic.

River Island (Spring 2017)

DIY Political Tee

Bruno @Major wears The Fashion Plate ‘DIY’ Dior t-shirt, American Vintage denim, Massimo Rebecchi cardigan and rings in raw silver by Mercearia


Though fashion may not be the first industry that comes to mind when one thinks of addressing political and socioeconomic issues, designers, editors, models, and bloggers are sharing their positions loud and clear.

Tip: Accessorize with statement rings

Mercearia adjustable rings in raw silver. Instagram:@_mercearia

Burn-Out Treatments

Bruno @Major wears hooded trench by Cristiano Burani, layered shirt and tees in blue and red with dark denim by American Vintage, military vest by Les Hommes

Burn-out washes in menswear is an experimental trend on the rise by designers to lend more interest to classic menswear design.

Recommend: Pair as well with treated denim.

Dondup denim in washed white (Spring 2017)
Photos: The Fashion Plate ©Lola Montanaro | Styling Nichelle Cole

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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