Latest Trend: Travel + Fitness

The hardest thing about travel is leaving your fitness regime behind. And if you’re in hotels you definitely lack the space and sometimes the equipment to maintain your fitness levels.

The latest trend in full-body, portable workout equipment is sliding (or gliding) discs. Don’t let the word “trend” throw you, these sliding discs are a seriously effective workout tool that is perfect for every athlete at every level of sports training.

Sliders are inexpensive, the travel-ready gliding discs are lightweight and easily fit in a small drawer or carry-on bag.

Our favorite slider moves are demonstrated by Equinox. The high-end wellness driven, fitness & lifestyle club with 80 locations in the US and Europe and over 1 million members. The slider exercise found on their extensive “How To” website provides a challenging workout for travelers and those short on time (and space).

The routine works to maintain your core, develops both strength and stability, and can also be used to build endurance and flexibility.

Consider it fitness for those on the go.

Below are a few of our favorite slider moves. See them all at Equinox.

The Runner:



Stand with each foot on a gliding disc, hip-width apart, and arms bent at sides as if you were running. Bend left knee as you slide right foot back, then bring right foot forward and slide left foot back. Return left foot to starting position. Next, slide right foot to the right and then glide left foot at a diagonal behind it. Repeat in the opposite direction, sliding left foot to the left and gliding right foot at a diagonal behind it. Return to starting position and repeat the entire sequence at a quick pace.

The Kicker:



Lie face-up with knees bent and each foot on a gliding disc, close to your hips. Extend arms at sides, palms on the floor. Tuck pelvis forward slightly and lift hips. Keeping back flat (not arched), press down on the discs as you extend legs in front of you. Bend knees to return to starting position; repeat. (To make this move easier, extend one leg at a time, alternating legs each rep.)

Sliding Sit-Up:



Lie face-up with legs extended on the floor in front of you. Extend arms in a T at sides, palms facedown on gliding discs. Sit up as you slide hands toward each other behind your back. Reverse motion to return to starting position, then repeat.

The Climber:


Get in plank position with a gliding disc under the ball of each foot. Bend right knee toward your chest. Extend right leg as you bend left knee toward your chest. Continue, alternating sides.

GIF: Equinox

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