Ernst Gamperl’s “Tree Of Life 2” Awarded The 2017 Loewe Craft Prize

Last year the Loewe Foundation launched the Loewe Craft Prize. The initiative spearheaded by Loewe creative director J.W. Anderson, 33, seeks to recognize uniquely talented artisans and to innovate a new standard for the future of craft. From the shortlist of 26 finalists, spanning all ages and all genres of craft design, artist Ernst Gamperl of Germany was awarded the prize for his work ‘Tree of Life 2’.


The sculptural vessels in Ernst Gamperl’s work were scored from the trunk of a 300-year-old oak tree felled in a storm seven years ago. Each of Gamperl’s objects owe its form and distinct imperfections to the line of that tree. Praised for the inventive use of a recycled material and the elegantly re-shaped figures created by the artist’s hands, Gamperl stood out above all the others. 

Loewe Creative Director Jonathan Anderson said: “The work of Ernst Gamperl has something which conveys a unique voice, and the physicality of these pieces will be important for many more years to come.”

Ernst Gamperl “Tree of Life 2”

As the winner Gamperl received the silver trophy presented by iconic actress Charlotte Rampling along with a cash prize of 50,000 euros.

Ernst Gamperl, center, accepts the silver trophy as winner of the Loewe Craft Prize from iconic actress Charlotte Rampling and Loewe creative director J.W. Anderson (left)

Gamperl’s work will also be exhibited alongside all shortlisted entries in Madrid, Tokyo and New York.

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