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This Performance Arts Video Has Been Viewed 8,965,326 Times

"As performance artists and dancers we see everything as art" -Lil Buck

Last month Foundation Louis Vuitton closed it’s doors on one of the world’s greatest collections of modern art. Shown in exhibition curated against a global selection of cultural backgrounds by Anne Baldassari, former director of the Musée Picasso, the art works spanned a period ranging from 1890 to 1914. The collection of 250 paintings was amassed by Russian collector Sergei Shchukin acquired in a concentrated buying spree of just 15 years.

Artist work: Picasso | courtesy photo Foundation Louis Vuitton

A total of 1,205,063 visitors attended the show in the space of four and a half months, amounting to an average of 9,800 visitors per day since its opening. This set a new attendance record for an art exhibition in France, making it the country’s most popular art show in 50 years.

The only thing greater than this achievement was the video of Lil Buck performing in the exhibition space, produced in collaboration with Nowness, which has been viewed 8,965,326 times.

The visitor participation together with Lil Buck’s artistic performance forever documented by digital media elevates the success of the Louis Vuitton Foundation exhibition to one of the greatest of our time.

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