Peek Inside Fendi’s Idea Of The Perfect Home

Fendi opens its first flagship store of home furnishings and design in the heart of Milan’s design district. The location, in the exceptional Montenapoleone district, is just a few steps from the Fendi boutique. The interiors of the elegant new concept store re-interpret the fashion Maison’s distinct savoir-faire to lifestyle design.

The opening of the first Fendi Casa store marks a major step for Fendi in the world of design. This space is a tribute to our DNA, expressed in the close proximity to the Fendi boutique – both physical and in terms of values.” Pietro Beccari, President and CEO of Fendi

The store reigns in the former Palazzo of Carcassola Grandi in Milan. Frescos and inlaid wooden ceilings decorate the 16th century palace and sets a welcoming mood into the Fendi universe for the home.

Fendi Home concept store decorated with frescos and inlaid wooden ceilings

For the interiors, signature furnishings designed in leather, bronze and marble also feature on the home accessories. The color palette contrasts and balances light and dark tones.

The store design approach is from the contemporary, minimalist aesthetic. The 400-square-meter space focuses on Conrad armchairs and Ford tables.

Newer pieces designed by Toan Nguyen, presented at the Milan Furniture Fair, such as Soho Lite sofas and Blixen armchairs mingle with lamps and light fixtures designed by Italian architect Marco Costanzi.

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