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Ray-Ban Re-releases The Awesome 1960s Meteor Wayfarer For 3rd #Reloaded Series

The Ray-Ban Meteor is their most rare series yet.

Ray-Ban continues it’s limited edition “#Reloaded” series for a 3rd cycle. This time Ray-Ban turns to the awesome “Meteor” shape done in a tight wayfarer silhouette with deep, dark lenses that reference the era of the beatnick 60s . The series is available in limited quantities under a very tight engagement, the next five days to be exact.

If you missed the reloaded limited edition option last time, don’t let another one slip by. This series is available only until April 15th. We know! This is an extremely limited time and, also, a painfully limited edition series (only 200 of ALL 3 styles) making this installment of the Ray-Ban #Reloaded line a very rare reissue.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Meteor” sunglasses in Shiny black

Ray-Ban’s website and select flagship stores are now stocking the Meteor in three colorways: shiny black with black lenses, shiny Havana with brown gradient lenses, and shiny striped Havana with lenses in the greenish-brown B15 tint. The two tortoiseshell variants exude the glamorous Hollywood attitude, while the black-on-black option give off such heavy, jazz, cat vibes it almost hurts.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Meteor” sunglasses in shiny striped Havana brown

If you want to collect a piece of this mid-century cool for yourself, the Meteor #Reloaded edition is on offer for $170 to $220. Get moving.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Meteor” sunglasses in shiny Havana brown

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