Blank Slate, A London Event

Everyone has a theory of human nature. That behavior is caused by thoughts and feelings. We fill out this theory by introspecting on our own minds assuming that our fellows are like ourselves and by watching people’s behavior and filing away generalizations.

Watch this theory re-interpreted again and again at Central Saint Martins’ latest festival “Blank Slate” performed by final year students, starting later this month.

The festival is free (as all art should be), see the schedule below:

Thursday 20 April

This Body is All Bodies

Artist: Maryam Nazari
‘War is the father and king of all, and has produced some as gods, and some as men, and has made some slaves and some free’. – Heraclitus

Monday 24 April

 / ɪnˈtjuːɪtɪv /

Artist: Irineu Nogueira Jnr
This performance is based on a personal experience of a seven-year sabbatical cycle where the voice was placed on hold. The inner intuitive and creative voices, as well as the outer voice, were all muted.

Wednesday 3 May

In Out and Around

Artist: Aikaterini Vairami
An interactive walk through of the human life. Pixel Tears follows a young woman wandering through her post breakup emotional landscape. Audience members are invited into the performance space in small groups at 10 minute intervals.

Pixel Tears
Artist: Grace Lambert
Pixel Tears follows a young woman wandering through her post breakup emotional landscape.

Friday 5 May

Artist: Berta Pibernat Trias
When there is no one left to tell the story, Light becomes the narrator.

The Waiting Room

Artist: Roni Yaniv
Description: A poetic meditation on life.

Friday 19 May


Artist: Sha Lu and Maryam Nazari
Watch what you hear and listen to what you see.

Hold Tight and Sink
Artist: Noemi Gunea
Set on a desolate beach, ‘Hold tight and sink’ explores feelings of isolation, anxiety and confusion through movement.

Friday 26 May

Buy Less, F*** More
Artist: Ishimwa
Food, sex, money and power.

Please note that this performance contains nudity and strobe

Plastic Life

Artist: Chensy Guan
A performance about plastic surgery and future life
Please note that this performance contains nudity


Platform Theatre
Central Saint Martins
Granary Building, 1 Granary Square
King’s Cross, London, UK

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