Miaou & Opening Ceremony Celebrate New Denim Collaboration With Rapper T-Pain

In New York City, Miaou and Opening Ceremony celebrated their new design collaboration, Apple Bottom, with celebrity rapper T-Pain. The Apple Bottom collection marks a return to denim by creative director Alexia Elkaim who may be having a nostalgic moment. The Miaou brand began thanks to the designers well cropped denim found in Parisian thrift stores. Alexia cropped and tailored vintage styles for herself and her friends.

Her fan circle has since expanded to Selena Gomez, Bella and Gigi Hadid among others.


The distinguishing element of Miaou denim is the rope tie that gets woven through Miaou’s signature grommets, also acting as the perfect waist cincher.

For the Apple Bottom denim collaboration with Opening Ceremony creative director Alexia Elkaim opened the party with a surprise performance by T-Pain in New York. 

See inside the Miaou X Opening Ceremony Party for Apple Bottom with T-Pain.

T-Pain | Courtesy of Miaou
T-Pain | Courtesy of Miaou
Creative director, Alexia Elkaim | Courtesy of Miaou
Atlanta De Cadenet, Alexia Elkaim, Alessandra Balazs | Courtesy of Miaou
DJ Kitty Cash | Courtesy of Miaou
Kitty Cash & Alexia Elkaim | Courtesy of Miaou
T-Pain | Courtesy of Miaou
Atlanta De Cadenet, Niki Takesh | Courtesy of Miaou
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Yvan Attal, Gerard Guez | Courtesy of Miaou
T-Pain | Courtesy of Maiou

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