We Get Swimwear Advice From World Champion Surfer Carissa Moore

25-year old Hawaii native Carissa Moore has been surfing since she was 5, starting in the waves at the iconic Waikiki. She became the youngest ever, at age 18, to win the World Surf League’s World Tour in 2011. She has since won two more World Tour titles, in 2013 and 2015. So we thought, if anyone knows about selecting swimwear for looks, fit and performance, its Carissa Moore.

And, as if it couldn’t get any better, Carissa revealed she collaborated on a 2017 swimwear line with Hurley Surf Club. The result? A swimwear collection, launching this month, perfect for the beach babe and the surfer girl.

Carissa Moore’s Swimwear Guidance:

Flexibility Is Key: Strategically placed fixed straps ( sewn together in one style) won’t move and will keep everything in place

Keep It Light: High tech lightweight fabrics with removable waterproof bra cups and stabilizers secure and support even a larger bust.

Stay Dry: No one likes a saggy bottom. Quick-dry fabric and a strategically placed front center keyhole lets water drain almost immediately.

One Size DOES Fit All: Bottoms with un-adjustable straps contouring around the hips guarantee a secure fit.

Give Me Coverage or Give Me Death:  It’s better to collect separate but similar styles of tops and bottoms that offer different levels of coverage and support — that can stand alone or be used in a bikini quiver that adapts depending on the activity.


Our style pics from the new Hurley X Carissa Moore swimwear line:

Anything In Black

Curvvy Girl Blues

Super Sexy V-Triangular Bikini


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