Finger Tattoos Are Having A Huge Moment

Finger tattoos are a great way to show off a passion, talent, or belief without saying a single word. And if you talk with your hands, it will make an even louder statement! Couples get the tattoo on their ring finger to show their relationship and love. A trend not only for couples, BFFs make it permanent and get finger inked with a matching symbol.

Too we couldn’t help but notice the trend appearing more frequently in celebrity beauty tags. Celebs Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have two of the most recognizable finger tattoos. But recently both Ariana Grande and Lucy Hale were spotted getting their finger ink on.

Rihanna’s famous “Shhhh…” finger tattoo

In a recent interview with MTV News, Noah Cyrus revealed that she got a finger tattoo of a teardrop in honor of her first single, “Make Me (Cry).”

Whether you get inked with a pal or opt for a small tattoo with sentimental value, remember to keep it short and keep it simple.


Photographer: Isabella San Filippo
Stylist: Nichelle Cole
MUA: Giulia Sbarzella
Production: Giulia Liguori and Cristina Severi
Location: The Brian & Barry Building Milan

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