Facebook’s Latest Features, Revolutionary Action With The Click Of A Button

Facebook introduces new features that could revolutionize politics and make activism much more frequent no matter where you are, all with the click of a button- these actions have the potential to go viral.

Your Representatives at your fingertips!

Facebook’s ‘Town Hall‘ is probably the best thing the social network has ever done. The update means you’ll now be clicks away from your local, state, and federal government representatives.

Zuckerberg wrote “The starting point is knowing who represents you and how you can make your voice heard on the decisions that affect your life.”

Decisions like- off the top of my head – attempts to quash the EPA, healthcare policy, maternity benefits, net neutrality etc… You can call, message, email and go to the Facebook Page of each representative listed. Messages are sent through Facebook Messenger.


Fun With Flags!

Show Your Pride With Flags!

Facebook first introduced a French flag filter to go on top of users’ profile pictures as a gesture of unity over the Paris terrorist attacks. The response was legendary. Facebook added 200 more flags to the catalog. So if you want to support your national sports team or are in love with your country,  you can now add a small flag icon to your Facebook profile picture. You can see all the options and change your profile picture frame here.

Feeling Charitable?

Facebook Driving Charity Donations!

Now we can do more than watch what’s happening in the world, we can help contribute. Thanks to Facebook you can actually donate with the click of a button!

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