Human To Robot: Learning To Trust.

Professor Guy Hoffman of Cornell University, one of the world’s leading robotics experts, is working toward integrating robots into our everyday lives, at home and at work. And if you think you haven’t already let them into your lives, you’d be wrong. The ATM, self-driving cars, self-check out at the grocery store- they’re all robots.

But the future of robotics is much more personal. The video below by Wearables Australia shows Robots programmed to trust.

In conjunction with this cool new technology break-though, Kate Darling of the MIT Media Lab works to define the ethics associated.

The idea is to help humans prepare for ways Robots will enter into our lives, including ways we can never expect.

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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