Salvioni Milano Concept Store, A Guide To The Perfect Adult Apartment

Forget cooking your own dinners or investing in a 401(k). The official sign that you’ve reached adulthood is a nice, stylish apartment. You know, one that’s worthy of having mom come and stay for the weekend.

When it comes to decorating you naturally want your interiors to be stylish, dreamy, and as unique as you are! And that’s where Spazio Salvioni Milano wants to come in.

After Fashion Week, no need to rush back to the United States, we attended a party held in collaboration with Elle Decor. We took a moment to look inside Salvioni Milano’s new concept store to check out the differences from their New York boutique.

The concept store in Milan is a unique multi-brand display. The 1,100 square meter space is distributed over 6 floors with five independent awesomely adult apartments. Each one has a different mood. The store houses over 100 brands, Made in Italy, each of distinction, style and taste. Everything my mother would be proud of.

Salvioni Milano Durini concept store
via Durini 3
tel +39 02 97070187