Purse Designer LAURAFED Talks Pinterest, Nature And Why She Hates Steve Jobs

Laura Fed, designer and self-proclaimed pinterest addict (the designer can be found online each night – like most of us!), doesn’t really hate Steve Jobs, visionary leader of the Apple iPhone, but it’d be understandable given Laura designs purses and a new Apple iPhone almost always comes in a new size dimension.  Laura shares “I have nightmares talking to the manufacturers about it (design changes), but it’s a necessity”.

All apple issues aside, for the new LAURAFED Fall/ Winter 2017-18 collection Laura took her cues from nature – “wood, earth and all the colors in the sky inspired my new collection”.

And the good news is the LAURAFED designs fit even the latest iPhone 7 Plus! But I didn’t have the heart to tell Laura about the iPhone 8* rumors (shhh!!)

LAURAFED Fall Winter 2017-18 Collection: