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Why Louis Vuitton’s new iPhone case costs $5000

Louis Vuitton says the cases are “more than a protective cover.” Instead, the case “establishes itself as the ultimate fashionable accessory of the season.”

For $5,000, your iPhone can wear the latest fashions.

Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has debuted a new product called the Eye-Trunk, a leather iPhone 7 case designed to pay tribute to the company’s origins as a trunk designer.

But outfitting your phone in couture will cost you: The lowest-end case costs more than $1,100, while the priciest version will set you back well over $5,000.

Here’s what they look like.


This is the Eye-Trunk in “precious Golden Crocodile leather.” The iPhone 7 version retails for $5,050, while the iPhone 7 Plus version sells for $5,500.

The traditional Monogram version costs $1,180 for an iPhone 7 and $1,250 for an iPhone 7 Plus.

Here it is in Monogram Reverse…

There’s a Monogram Eclipse version, too: a black and gray version with the company’s famous logo.

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