When Music Is The Lead Character: Interview With Furla’s Fabio Fusi.

cvr_edited-2.pngBy: Cristina Severi

Fashion week means running around the city show to show, all day long, it’s exhausting. But one of the best experiences during fashion week, unexpectedly, are the presentations. Presentations are standing meetings that allow you to see the clothes up close and personal and to get to know the faces behind the brands, discover their history and learn more about the people who make magic every single day, with passion and love.

It was at a presentation that I spent a small amount time talking with Fabio Fusi, the creative director of Furla, one of the most dynamic Italian brands on the market. The Furla presentation showcased in a super modern space, themed as a time capsule spanning Furla’s history under a singular thread, music, the prime characteristic of the new collection.

What is the inspiration and the mood of the Furla fall/winter 2017-18 collection?

This capsule collection is inspired by the 90th anniversary of the brand, we have a lot of references from our history, but we always re-interpret them in a super contemporary way, because you know, Furla is made by experimentation.


Did you experiment with the materials?

We played a lot with the materials, we tried to describe the “atmosphere” of the years which separates the beginning of the company (1927) to today. We used music to illustrate Furla through the years, from the 20’s with Charleston, to the 30’s with jazz, from the 40’s with swing, to the 50’s with rock’n roll and so on to the present.


What can we  expect to see from Furla in the future?

We always try to propose something new every season, we are a company that strives for a dynamic image, always new, always experimenting.


Every six months we show something new, managing interests and challenging expectations of our clients.


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