Dora Abodi: A Day In The Life of A Fashion Designer

Penned by Dora Abodi

i wake up around 9am but each saturday i sleep until 12. that’s a must process for refilling my accumulators. when I wake I try to catch the tail end of my dream, it’s always a very fragile border between sleeping and awakeness and i like to enjoy the moment of being half in the dream and half in reality. then I need my coffee. for breakfast i usually eat fruit & drink coffee with rice milk. i have two parrots. they become quite vocal when they are hungry. then I start my day. uh, i am always at work. sometimes until midnight. i have a studio with a small prototyping unit in budapest and I also work with a milan based prototyping unit. since i started my brand i split my time between both cities. i build each collection on a story or scenario that has happened to me- my clubkid era, my transylvanian roots, budapest, my new Italian life. sometimes i sketch in my mind or during those half-awake moments, but also in the studio, in my bed or on an airplane, car or train. when i do not have a pencil or paper i describe the dress or idea and i send it to myself in a memo email. nowadays i make ‘predesigns’ on paper and we finish the dresses on the dummy and during fittings with the model.


Dora Abodi Fall 2016 (Dora Abodi shot by ©Szilveszter Mako)

i don’t really take a lunch break, i just eat something in 10 minutes and i go back to work. i do not like to spend too much time with eating, it seems to me a waste of time. of course sometimes i go out for dinner, but i find it a bit boring to just sit and wait for different food courses. when i have time i go out with friends, but typically not to eat, we prefer bars and clubs or just doing crazy adventures.

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