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What’s New at Fondazione Prada.

Curator Elvira Dyangani Ose takes us by the hand, accompanying us along a reflection on racism through three exhibitions at the Fondazione Prada. The first, True Value explores the everyday reality within the aesthetics of black culture in the work of Theaster Gates.

Following is Temples of Tenacity, Nastio Mosquito experiments with the surpassing of the limits dictated by our own convictions in order to adhere to an unprecedented experience: that of simply existing. Uneasy Dancer on the other hand is an exhibition by Betye Saar, now turning 90 years old and coming to Italy for the first time, who looks back on five decades of her work in retrospective. In her assemblages, she opposes the male and Eurocentric thought rooted in American culture.

Lastly, Germano Celant presents Kienholz: Five Car Stud which brings together a selection of works produced by Edward and Nancy Kienholz, including the installation from which the exhibition takes its titles and which in actual size, reproduces a scene of racial violence which is extremely striking.

Fondazione Prada.
Location: Largo Isarco 2, Milano

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