Ferré & Comte Exhibit Marks Bicentennial Celebrations of European Royalty

The exhibitions of Gianfranco Ferré and photographer Michel Comte are part of the bicentennial celebrations that marked the arrival in Parma, of Marie Louise of the House of Hapsburg-Lorraine,  Austrian archduchess who ruled as Empress of the French and as the Duchess of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla.

The exhibition, “Ferré and Comte DETTAGLI produced by Ankamoki — will grace the halls of the first and second floors of Palazzo del Governatore in Parma from September 30, 2016 to January 15, 2017.

The first floor will host “Gianfranco Ferré and Marie Louise: Unexpected Assonances”, an exhibit curated by Gloria Bianchino and Alberto Nodolini in collaboration with the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, while the second will exclusively feature Michel Comte’s installations in the “Neoclassic” show curated by Jens Remes in collaboration with Alberto Nodolini e Anna Tavani.

“Gianfranco Ferré e Maria Luigia: inattese assonanze”

With fervent backing by the Council for Culture of the City of Parma, the dual Ferré/Comte exhibition also reflects a distinct desire to offer within the sphere of the activities related to the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Duchess in town, an event that serves to enhance the territory by exploring elements of the modern world using as a venue one of the oldest and finest buildings in town.

Laura Maria Ferraris, Parma Councillor for Culture: “We as the City of Parma sought to meet the challenge of looking well beyond the mere immediacy of the moment that’s so typical of life today. Gloria Bianchino and Alberto Nodolini’s project provides the boundless opportunities that come from having the courage to not stop at the surface of things — with those first three results on Google or with some bold headline over an article.

Thus, possibly the most innovative of Italy’s great fashion designers and the strong yet fragile duchess “who lived in an era greater than herself” can come together face to face. To the curators go my deepest esteem and gratitude, also for how they brought to the fore the best and brightest element of Parma, a city truly with a generous heart”.

The exhibition highlights details of costume history which Ferré revisited in fashion form. That’s the focus of the sixty gorgeous creations on display, complete with relative preparatory sketches. Striking an at once emotional and philological note, the itinerary follows a path across distinct spaces to tell a story that circumvents a strictly timeline-oriented approach to center very much on the protagonist of Marie Louise.

“Gianfranco Ferré e Maria Luigia: inattese assonanze”

On the second floor of the Palazzo del Governatore, the Michel Comte “Neoclassic” exhibition curated by Jens Remes with the collaboration of Alberto Nodolini e Anna Tavani, recaptures the emotions of centuries past through a rigorously poetic revisitation by one of today’s leading photographers. For Michel Comte, Neoclassicism has always first inspired and then led to destruction. Yet still today, the charm of Neoclassical art is as powerful as ever in history, in fashion and in design.

Naomi Campbell for Vogue Italia, 1994 shot by Michel Comte

Comte portrays his way of interpreting the neoclassic parabola through several works where lighting sculpture meets photographic imagery. “The show in Parma is my personal analysis of the neoclassic style and age”: Comte sparks an ideological reflection through the artistically expressive awareness that while men and symbols may break into pieces, artistic beauty endures above and beyond any and every ideology.

Ferré and Comte/ DETTAGLI. Two Great Fashion/Art Expressionists Delve Into Details
Palazzo del Governatore
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi , Parma

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