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Loewe 001: Fragrant, Husky Notes Inspired By Lovers

Loewe launches 001, its first fragrance under Jonathan Anderson. Loewe’s creative director has imagined a scent in both “Woman” and “Man” versions, inspired by the idea of the morning after, in the early hours post a first romantic encounter.

Loewe 001 is meant to be a sensory expression, a moment that leaves a scented memory on the skin, interpreting the notions of purity and uncertain promise.

“This is a very personal project for me. I spent a lot of time working on it because it’s something I really believe in. Above all, I wanted the fragrance to feel credible, an organic extension of what Loewe stands for today,” Jonathan Anderson explains.

Jonathan Anderson selected two botanical photographic artwork images by Karl Blossfeldt for the packaging of 001, beginning a new chapter in the creative story of the Maison. © Loewe

Loewe 001 “Woman” blends top notes of bergamot and tangerine with a heart note of sandalwood and hints of jasmine and vanilla in the base notes. The “Man” version has the same combination of scents with masculine undertones of cedar and musk. Both fragrances can be easily interchanged and mixed, like a mixed wardrobe that melds feminine and masculine codes.

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