Mila Schön: Excentrique c’est chic SS17 collection

Penned by Nichelle Cole

The press release for the Mila Schön Spring 2017 collection started with a prelude which began with “The modern story of a bourgeois woman who falls in love with an explorer. She loves everything about him, even the charm of his clothes.”

Charming was the key word to express the glory of the Mila Schön collection this season. Other traits bore mentioning were beguiling, evocative and mysterious. Regardless of her predicament per the prelude the Mila Schön woman was center-stage, with all her contradictions and her desires.

For the collection there was a lively dialect between the dresses and parka’s designed in a youthful attitude and offered in denim or in the more refined double-face fabric.

The fascinating counterpoint between the long trench coat in weightless chiffon in nuances of green and the workwear style caban jackets proposed as evening dresses in sumptuous duchesse satin were in harmonious balance.

The styling and accessories this season tipped the scale in favor of the designer as one of the best shows of the Milan fashion week. Provocative pointy-toe ballerina slippers with an espadrille effect in natural rubber soles were decidedly cool and contemporary. The bell-like sound of gunmetal galvanized jeweled charms that dangled from earlobes and slim wrists turned the model’s stride into a lovely virtuoso of percussion. Light weight new suits and revolutionizing trompe l’oeil jumpsuits were tightly cinched with extra-wide belts creating a paper bag waist.

The conceptual and visionary designs of Mila Schön was a successful exercise in innovation as a result of solid tailoring and eccentric touches that speak for the future trends in fashion.


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro
photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


photo by ©Paloma Montanaro


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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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