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Leitmotiv’s Central American Motif Collection.

Penned by  Riccardo Pianezzola

In the insanely beautiful location of Palazzo Reale’s Cariatidi room, two facing doors on the set suggest constant movement: welcome to the Deer dance by leitmotiv, in which the brand’s icon animals tour native Central American cultures.
We start with the menswear pre-collection where the ancestral signs of pre-Columbian art rotate to arrive to the woman in an explosion of color.

Patterns in which nature is combined with architectural and geometric elements fuse themselves with a new fanciful ani- motiv: an Amazon-Apache parrot, native Americans with head of horses, Tigers and Eagles.

The sophisticated nature of the Leitmotiv woman explodes in a firework of bows fitting for a ballroom while tassels and ribbons are idealized in a print on a bayaderè base.

Long skirts with flounces or half circle short ones are enriched by wavy inserts that add movement to the silhouette.
Duchess and triple organza and embroidered quilted fabrics are characterized by bright colors of Chagall’s Mail art.


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