Chiara Ferragni SS17 Accessories Collection

Penned by Melissa Lupo

chiara-ferragni_2-ss17A wink and a smile and down the rabbit hole we go. The journey of the epic bloggeress, Chiara Ferragni, has us curiouser and curiouser.

To simply pass off her collection as a side project or just another blogger collaboration would be greatly mistaken. It has been reported that the sales of Ferragni’s shoe line now makes up for a reigning percentage of the overall business. This is not by any means at the hand of luck.

Authenticity sells and at Ferragni’s SS17 collection presentation in Milan, we quite literally descend into her world, down centuries-old steps into a mirror lined canteen. A hypnotizing sound loop from Alice & Wonderland is piped through the winding maze at the precise moment when Alice falls into the rabbit’s hole.

chiara-ferragni_6-ss17One can only imagine the surreal experience of a steep rise to fame in such a short amount of time, and Ferragni’s collection gives us a taste of her enchanting world.

Glitter material and the brand’s iconic winking eye is ever present with embroidered graphic elements and embellishments like beads, sequins and red leather hearts.

In addition to the classic slippers, slip-on’s and espadrilles, the collection expands to include backpacks, iPhone cases, t-shirts, denim shorts, a choker, and oversized sweatshirts. There is a strong feminine note that stays gentle but still commanding with starry stilettos and thigh high boots in denim, metallics and leather.

A thoughtfully designed brand, the style is consistent and is on the road to setting up a solid identity that will continue to build loyalty long term and keep us still…curious.


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